This 88-year-old woman, Edna, has lived “off the grid” since 1960, in an old log home built 83 years ago by her father.  Her home has no electricity or running water, and she has a cellar for her fridge.

The bathroom is on the hill, and her tub uses water from a spring. She cooks on a wood stove and makes lye soap and dish soap from wood ash and water.  She washes her clothes in an old tin tub, her pews are also homemade and she has made a small church in the barn, where she goes to rest and reflect.

Edna needs no steady income, as she raises her own livestock, grows her crops, washes her dishes and clothes by hand, prepares her own food, and has flowing water.

Without a doubt, this old woman lives happily and enjoys the simplicity of life. She is truly blessed to be able to be one with nature and enjoy the tranquility far away from our modern cities, and the newest technology.

She is sitting on her front porch, with the Bible in her hands.  She has lived in this house since she was three, and she is 88 now.

This is the front of the old log home

The current state of the living room

This clock was made by her, and it shows all the family (17children)

This is her homemade lye soap

She makes her dish soap and the soap for her dogs here.