Would you like to spend your summer vacation in a log cabin? These may cost you a small fortune. Why don’t you try the Amish Cabin Company? DIY projects are always a good idea, right?

Amish Cabin

The Amish Cabin Company makes affordable log cabins. Their cabins are customizable, and you can get it prebuilt or unassembled. Unassembled options are cheaper, but it’s easier to move in an assembled cabin. Go through your budget, and make a decision.

Amish Craftsmanship

Amish Cabin Company’s owner Linton Wells shares the story of his beginnings. He came up with an idea a few years ago.

Wells wanted to build a cabin for himself, and he really liked the Amish modular cabins. He was impressed. Wells respects the Amish and their history. His relationship with the Amish craftsmen helped him turn the idea into a real project. The Amish craftsmen helped him build cabins.

If you know the Amish, you probably know that they want to build good things. They would never sacrifice their reputation, and they protect their name under any cost. You can see them tear things to pieces and start their project over again. The cost go to themselves just because their reputation is really important.

Half of the company’s cabins are primary residences, and the other are rentals, retail offices, and coffee shops. A modular log cabin can offer so many opportunities, and your imagination can impose the only limits.

How much do Amish cabins cost?

To buy a 10×20 foot “Baby Boone” cabin you will need $20,000.

According to a 2014 American Survival guide article, the 14 by 28-feet Appalachian one-bedroom with 392 square feet will cost you $27,970. The cabin is assembled on-site, but you can order a basic non-insulated kit for $12,560.

If you check out the 2018 brochure, you will find a 12’ x 2’ Lincoln cabin for $6,900, 14’ x 40’ Kentuckian cabin with a 6’ porch for $17,900 and everything in between.

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