If you want to really get a head start in your garden starting vegetable seeds indoors is the way to go. If soil temperatures aren’t high enough yet for a successful germination of your seeds you are better off starting them inside.

For heat loving plants like tomatoes, cucumbers or pepper the temperatures in early spring are not high enough in unheated greenhouses or outside for successful germination. 

By starting them indoors you will enjoy a crop of tasty veggies way earlier.
The main advantage for me is, that I gain valuable time and space in my growing beds.

Seedlings, depending on the variety and time of the year, spend a minimum of about 3 to 5 weeks in their seed trays or modular trays before they get planted into their final position.

I also always have plants ready when some bed space becomes available. Gaps can be filled immediately allowing for optimum use of my real estate.

Watch this short video about sowing seeds indoors. It will give you the basic knowledge you need to get your seedlings off to a good start.