Beehives are getting massively destroyed in Texas. That is seriously one of the most hurtful way to impact the future of our world. Someone sneaked up on a mass of beehives in Alvin in Brazoria County, Texas, and set them on fire. Naturally, the town is raging.

In light of bees breeding season, these news came as completely devastating. No flowers will be pollinated and we will see a generation of plants unable to breed, too.

Setting bees on fire, really?

Witnesses are mute.

The case blew open after a deputy officer noticed the fire, which he put out, but unfortunately, a bit too late. In an effort to shed light on this case, the BCBA, or the Brazoria County Beekeepers Association, posted on Facebook, which earned them 7,500 shares as of April 27. The organization remains adamant in finding and sanctioning the culprits of this hideous crime.

‘Last night someone did major damage to a BCBA Bee Yard in Alvin last night,” they wrote. “It’s bad enough to think in today’s world this would happen but dumping them over and then setting fire to them is beyond comprehension. Club has offered a reward to lead to conviction and anyone with info please forward it to the sheriff’s office as a case # has been filed.’

Lieutenant Varon Snelgrove noted this is not typical for his community, which makes the case even more challenging.

‘It’s not an easy case, any case of this nature. There are no witnesses, it’s a relatively rural area. It’s a matter of getting out and beating bushes,’ he said. ‘It is unusual. Like I said, it’s a senseless case.’ 

Also making a comment was Steve Brackmann, president of the BCBA, noting 20 hives were lost in this arson crime, with each of the hives containing around 30,000 bees. The unproduced honey is now forever lost. It will at least take a year to get it back. The farmers are crushed, as they should be. Their families will now have no business to take care of.

‘Vandalism is one thing,’ Brackmann said. ‘But for someone to go in and spend their time dumping over those hives and lighting them on fire…I think it’s someone that doesn’t like beekeepers or bees.’

Information Pays You Dollars

Dane Beito, who is a bee farmer in the region, noticed that the culprit of this heinous crime is someone with excellent knowledge in apiculture, or beekeeping. A beehive is not something you’d gladly approach, never minding the plan to set them on fire. To the very least, this is disgraceful.

Beito explained, ‘It really is unbelievable what took place,’ said Beito. ‘Hopefully, somebody shows up somewhere that’s pretty stung up, but at nighttime, bees don’t fly like they do during the day, they stay pretty close.’ 

Beito works in the sales industry, offering homemade lotions, candles, and honey. He explains the surviving bees are also uneager to do their job, knowing what has happened. Of course, this means an even greater loss to beekeepers.

Any information on the case is welcome, and The Brazoria County Crime Stoppers offers a $5,000 prize to anyone giving out useful information. The most relevant information in the case will also earn a $1,000 prize.

Why Do Bees Matter to Humanity?

Bees are crucial to the survival of humanity due to:

  • Honey – the making of honey makes bees an experts in all things organic and pure. Bees make their honey alone, a process that takes serious organizing.
  • Plant growth – bees are responsible for the breeding of numerous plants. Plants are determining for the human survival, and without bees, things are not looking up.
  • Pollination- smart as they are, bees let the plants grow with their help. Without bees, we are looking at a decline in garden and forestland.  This will also mean less shelter for animals, and therefore, less animals.
  • Food products – bees offer many products in the cleanest of ways, and we abuse it. Bees enable for 84% of crops to grow. With that, bees offer beeswax and are giving us many foods we love, like asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, cantaloupes, pumpkins, blueberries, almonds, watermelons, apples, cherries, and cranberries.

What a harmony…and yet, we still found a way to destroy it all.