This article will provide valuable information on how to grow your own organic vegetables, and avoid the ones which are full of pesticides and are genetically modified.

Namely, apart from the fact that you will save a lot of money, you will experience a much tastier food than the one you are used to from the vegetables sold in grocery stores.

You can make a hoop house which is 15 feet long and 11 feet wide, and 7, 5 feet tall in the center. Of course, you can decide to make it according to your preferences, but in this way, you will get a hoop 10-12 feet wide.

The following video will provide all the needed information on how to make it:

Materials list

Construction Steps

Hind Sight – What I would do differently

After planning its construction, you should buy all needed materials, which would cost you about $120- $150 for a 165 square ft. greenhouse. Normally, keeping the cost of its construction lower is of primary concern.

The structure of the hoop house can be made from 20 ft. joints of three-quarter inch PVC plumbing pipe, and you can avoid using pipe fitting to keep it simple.  Cut the pipes in half as soon as you buy them with a pipe cutter or a saw and then you can put them together at home.

11- feet wide hoop house is perfect for a garden with 3- foot wide beds with 5- feet paths between. Moreover, due to this width, the sides go straight up from the ground for the first several feet.

Initially, you should start off with the building of the end walls, in order to save extra time and efforts. Then, in order to establish the outline, you should temporarily attach a joint of pipe to a piece of 1×4. Another important aspect you need to think of is the fact that your greenhouse will easily collapse if you make it too flat.

Therefore, even if you plan to make it wider and lower in order to get more floor space, you should not decide to do so. Namely, it will easily cave in immediately after a hard rain or snow. A high peak will be suitable for the snow to slide off, as well as the rain.