Why spend hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money on dried fruits and veggies from the store, when you can make your own ‘solar food dehydrator’ right at home!

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

This design is simply brilliant and without the cost of using electricity, you can save a ton of money!

There is no need to throw away fruits and veggies if you haven’t had the time to eat them all. Whether purchased from a grocery store, or they came from your garden – throw them in the dehydrator and enjoy them later!

Click HERE to learn how to make the design featured in the images above – or keep scrolling to learn how to make the more detailed version below. 

You can see the step by step plans on how to make this awesome rig by clicking the link below! From materials needed to images showing the process of construction, this is the perfect DIY project! A DIY project that keeps on giving!